Laura 22/12/2021

Silvia Rosivalová Baučeková

Slovak Poetry in English Book Translations is a thought-provoking book that raises many questions. One of them is the question of the reception of translations of Slovak poetry in the target culture: is there a real interest in our poetry in the English-speaking world? Is this interest growing? Is the choice of authors whose poems are translated a response to the demand of English and American readers, or does it arise from Slovak effort to promote ourselves abroad? Another thing that I noticed was the relatively small number of female poets compared to their male counterparts. Is this a reflection of the position of female writers in Slovak literature in general, or rather a decision on the part of translators?

admin 09/05/2021

Ján Gavura

More than at any time before it is obvious that poetry now finds itself in a paradoxical situation. While the number of poets and their work is generally recognized as a core of a cultural heritage, the number of readers has reached new minimum levels.